"Get Step by step training & support to start your IT career within the next 6 months".

You'll learn the globally recognised methodology, get real-world work experience, we'll build your resume & support you throughout your recruitment journey... and you'll even get ongoing support after you land your first role...forever.

...and it'll work for you even as a beginner without any experience!

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A career that you can be proud of.

Within just 6 months from now, you could be starting a new career in IT, that pays extremely well, with the flexibility to work remotely enjoying the things you love.  

Here are some results from our members...

How we support you to start your new career within 6-12 months...

☑️ We have an online membership, giving you the step-by-step blueprint to start your career in IT.

☑️ We train you in globally recognised methodologiesYou'll learn the theory, strategies, tools, and techniques in a simple, structured roadmap. 

☑️ You’ll gain practical work experience with one of our companies, turning theory into real-world work experience.

☑️ We'll build your resume with your new globally recognised skills and real-life work experience.

☑️ We offer guidance throughout your job search process, including our recruitment agency relationships (our students are in demand due to the knowledge and approach you learn with us). 

☑️ Prepare for job interviews with our assistance. 

☑️ Receive 24/7 ongoing support even after you start your new role to help with any advice or guidance. 

☑️ Monthly sessions to teach you new skills.

☑️ Membership is limited 🚨 ensuring direct access to our team 24/7 - forever.

☑️ Membership costs $159 AUD per month (about $100 USD), with the flexibility to cancel at any time if you change your mind (note our entire course is valued at over $30,000 🤯).

☑️ If you're not satisfied within your first 30 days, you'll receive a refund - no questions asked.

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100% success rate.

All of our students who completed the full training landed jobs within 12 months. 

$130K per year.

The average salary of our students is $130k per year (AUD) or $85K (USD).

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What jobs you'll get...

We provide you with structured step-by-step training and end-to-end support to become experts in the following roles:

Business Process Analyst

Maps processes to identify improvement opportunities and establish standardised ways of working.

(Average salary $105,000 per year, or $600 - $800 per day contracting)

Business Analyst

Works with business users and I.T. teams to define requirements for new technology solutions.

(Average Salary $125,000 per year, or $800 - $1000 per day contracting)

Business Improvement Lead

Works on improvement projects to save costs, streamline processes and improve customer experiences.

(Average salary $140,000 per year or $900 - $1,200 per day contracting).

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But what's so good about these roles?

 1️⃣ High Demand

As organisations increasingly rely on digital solutions to enhance efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness, there's extremely high-demand for skilled non-technical IT professionals, as they help understand the relationship between business processes and technology.


2️⃣ High Paying

The pay is way higher than the average wage, and there are thousands of contracting roles paying daily rates between $800 - $1,000 per day (AUD - convert to your local currency).


3️⃣ Work Remotely

Not only is this field lucrative and in high demand, but it also offers an abundance of opportunities to work remotely with dynamic teams around the world.

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There are thousands of high paying jobs available right now...

🌏 Globally, there is a shortage of skilled people to fill non-technical (non-coding) IT roles.

📈 Organisations cannot keep up with the demand.

And this is not changing anytime soon...👇

 🚀 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), non-technical IT jobs will continue to grow by 11% in the next 10 yearsWay faster than the average of all other  occupations.

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Who is this for?

This is for you:

✅ You want to earn an average of $130,000 per year salary, or $600 - $1200 per day contracting.

✅ You want the ability to work remotely

✅ You want a real career where you can work anywhere in the world.

✅ You want a career in an industry that is in high demand and is expected to continue to grow over the next 10 years

✅ You have no experience in these roles - we teach you everything you need to know.

✅ You've got experience working in these roles, but want to take your career to the next level

✅ You didn't go to university or have a degree (it's not required - we don't have them either and have become one of the industries leading Senior Business Analyst & Improvement Consultants).

✅ You can commit just 2-3 hours per week to complete the training & work experience.

This is not for you:

🚫 You didn't finish high-school. 

🚫 You don't have a basic computer skills (example, you can't send emails).


Even more results from our members...

"But what if I don't have experience?" 💬

That's good! You won't need to un-learn bad habits. 👌

University isn't required. We literally teach you everything that you need to be a high performing these roles.

Follow our step-by-step blueprint to learn the globally recognised theory and methodology. Most importantly, we teach you how to actually apply your learnings in the real world. 📑

We then support you throughout your recruitment process, and then after you start your new role! 💪

How it works...

Complete your training.
Learn the globally recognised methodologies, theory, skills, tools and techniques.

Remote Work Experience.
You'll complete work experience with one of our companies yo bridge the gap between training and actual experience. 

Resume updates.
Leverage our resume builder and add your new skills, qualifications and work experience to ensure you'll stand out to recruiters.  

Interview preparation
Get support, feedback, guidance and advice on how to present yourself during the interview, ensuring you have example stories of how you would exceed in the role. 

Start your new job
Start your new career! We have relationships with recruitment agencies who want our students due to your skills and our unique approach. 

Ongoing support.
Never feel overwhelmed in your new role. If you ever need guidance or support during your new role, you can reach us 24/7 for personalised advice and feedback. 

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🚨  Spots are limited🚨

To ensure that we provide all of our students with 24/7 support during the training, interview preparation and after you've started your new jobs, we cap the total number of students.

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What you'll learn...

A structured, step-by-step approach, ensuring you become a master in the technical & soft skills.

1. Business Process Management

This is the first course which provides you with the foundations for your new career.

2-3 hours per week for 4 weeks.

2. Lean Practitioner 

This is where you will stand out from 90% of other candidates. Lean methodology is the most powerful improvement methodology and with this on your resume you will be shortlisted. 

2-3 hours per week for 4 weeks.

3. Requirements Management 

 Learn how to work with business units to clearly define their business needs into requirements which will be delivered by the technical teams.  

2-3 hours per week for 4 weeks.

We're different.

Literally no one does what we do...

Business Improvement Mastery

No one else does what we do. We support you throughout your entire career journey, from training, to work experience, to applying for jobs, and then even after starting your new role. Simply follow our proven step-by-step process and walk into your new career.

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Other training providers

All other providers provide training which typically requires up front payment. It's overloaded with theory and minimal practical skills, meaning you can't take what you've learnt and actually apply it. You still need to go and get your own work experience and then figure out how to get into the industry. 

It's a lot to take in...

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  • Interview preparation 
  • Guidance throughout the job search process
  • 24 support during training & after you land your new role - forever
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  • Regular huddles to continuously upskill you
  • Community 

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